Speaking Topics

The World Economy and the Metal Markets

  • The commodity markets since the crash of 2008.


A history of the commodity markets and how they work

  • A brief history of exchange traded and non-exchange traded commodities.
  • Where do commodity prices come from and how the forward curve operates to identify commodity prices in the future?
  • How do consumers price in their commodities and price out their finished product? The example of an automotive company?
  • Producer and Consumer commodity risk management.
  • How do you manage risk where there is no futures market?
  • Transactional and strategic risk management. How do corporates identify commodity risk and what should they do about it?
  • What instruments exist to manage risk? The use of futures and options, the use of exchange traded or Over the Counter products.
  • How do markets work in terms of choosing your broker, obtaining credit lines, managing cash flows of margins both initial and variation margin.
  • Setting up a world class risk management operation. Training of staff, developing a risk management policy for your company, world class standards of managing risk, developing strong cross-relationships with procurement and sales teams and obtaining accurate and timely reporting to ensure proper hedging practice.
  • Managing risk in the mining, smelting and refining industries. Looking at steel, stainless steel, automotive and aerospace industries.


The importance of China in the global commodity markets

  • The role of China in the commodity markets from consuming 50% of all commodities to the Belt and Road Initiative in commodity producing nations.



Resource Nationalism and its role in the commodity markets

  • The role of commodity producing nations? How should they manage their risks? How do developing nations manage their cash flows when managing risk? What is the way forward?
  • Single commodity producing nations and managing their risk.
  • Managing risk in the mining industry.
  • How does a producer identify and manage their risks – looking at mining and soft commodity hedging examples.
  • Where do commodity prices come from and how the forward curve operates to identify commodity prices in the future?
  • A masterclass for risk management in the mining industry.



The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the commodity markets

  • How will industry 4.0 affect key elements of the global economy – the resource sector.
  • Digitisation, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain and the resource sector.
  • The world economy since 2008. What’s changed in the resource sector?



The debate over fossil fuels and the environment.

  • The future for fossil fuels.
  • The European carbon trading system.
  • What can be done to clean up inevitably dirty industries?